Since 1978, we are lighting system and lamps manufacturers.
Our products are made with specific machines for plastic sheet metal: punching machines, benching machines and presses (all at numerical control)

In our plants, we perform mechanical, electrical and photoelectric tests, doing testing and certifications annually.
We can produce any lamp, ballast and ceiling model, according to customers’ design.

Each Effeluce’s product is a composition of several materials, in order to improve finished product’s functionality and beauty.
We use each type of material, such as steel, brass, abs, polycarbonate, methacrylate and crystal.
Each product is marketed in any world’s country, thanks to the lighting industry’s regulation and specific brands.

We produce ceiling lights in plastic sheet metal, in order to develop lighting equipment that not conduct current.
Our ceiling lights are CE certificated for the European and extra-european market.

Through the technical department, Effeluce offers electric and electronic advice services about any current regulations.


Effeluce’s purpose is to create a design and quality product line, trying and keep the cost as law as possible.


Beauty and quality within reach of everyone, light dressing your furniture.


  • Commitment
    Effeluce keeps its promises and provides quality assured products. Our technical department and our sales office, offer assistance and advices by providing its expertise in lighting.
  • Innovation
    Always looking for new technologies and best materials. Effeluce creates a modern product by maximizing value for money.
  • Flexibility
    Effeluce is always ready to meet the customer’s needs, by customizing its product on demand, or developing new ones custom-made.

Effeluce srl is an Italian Electronic Committee member and is able to issue the following certifications, on request:


our usual customers are the largest bathroom furniture European companies and often require proper advices in order to sold their products. Consulting service includes a secure and standard compliant lighting-technical apparatus. According to the articles 27-28-29 (CE Treaty), by Directive 83/189 ECC, and Decision 93/465/ ECC (reproposed to Decision 768/2008 ECC), products that circulate in Europe and not only, must have standardized quality levels to circulate.
In order to ensure a quality product in accordance with law, Effeluce guarantees and issues a conformity’s declaration in accordance with parametres above.
Note: some boastful and ostentatious traders, import Chinese products with Chinese CE. This is an illegal procedure and Effeluce carries on a daily fight to ensure its customers and final users a regulation-conformed product.


Directive 2011/65/EC, in addition to the traditional home appliances, is also about lighting fixtures. This Directive requires to use particular substances which must have using below 0,1% for each final product. Each lamp and lighting fixture produced by Effeluce ensures a below 0,1% concentration of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated disphenyl ethers; we are also able to ensure their total absence, overcoming the RoHS requested standards.


It is one of the most widespread quality certification in the world- It ensure a further product reliability by providing the highest safety’s standard of the product itself. At the customer’s request, Effeluce can get TUV certification for lamps and electrical and lighting material, in order to add quality and security for the product’s use and marketing.


The UL mark means that UL has tested representative product’s samples, considering them appropriated to specific standards or other requirements, in relation to their potential risk of fire, electric shock and mechanical dangers. A UL marked product, testifies the continued manufacturer’s compliance with safety standards. Every year more tha 20 billion products receive UL mark all around the world. UL is the only independent certification entity authorized to issue UL mark. It is the American brand par excellence. By creating 110 volt lighting, which is suitable for the two America’s market exportation, Effeluce is able to register UL mark, at the customer’s request.